Credit issues can be a rough road to travel, but there are solutions available.

You’re here looking for solutions to your credit problems. You might have already run into the informational gaps about personal credit, or you are in a dark financial place and actively seeking help. Or, it could be… just plain old curiosity.

Ultimately, what matters is that you find what you’re seeking.

credit problemsLet me take a quick moment to assure you that everyone occasionally has problems with personal credit. The cause of your problem may or may not be a continuous thread, but either way… We can solve the problem. You can learn how to maintain better credit and cease being embarrassed… whatever the situation may be. I get it. Bad things happen to good people.

But now, what do we do about that?

Especially, when we’re dealing with the “double black-eye” industry of personal credit.

The Credit Bureaus want you to stay down, once you’re under their thumb. The “big-box” consultants want your money with no guarantees. The laws protecting you are strong but dormant. And to top it all off, those laws are unknown to the everyday kind of folks who really need them. But worst of all, there’s no direct oversight of the Credit Bureaus.

For instance the bang-up Equifax Breach and lack of Identity Protection currently in existence.

Protection is only there after the fact, after successfully submitting a dispute, or after a threat, or the execution, of a lawsuit against the Credit Bureaus, and then you have real and true protection.

In the final analysis, you are your own best champion.

HT Credit SolutionBut you need to level the playing field. I can help with that process. I’ve written a book detailing specific steps and methods you can take to improve your credit rating, and then maintain that credit score. I did this to help even more people.

As a consultant, I found I wasn’t able to help but one person at a time… And I’m still willing to be a consultant, still do that. But there’s a way for you to get started on this process of fixing your credit.

You can click on the icon-cover, and grab a copy of my book if you’d like to do this on your own. The information and details I use to consult people are all in there, or we can connect. I’m here to help you.

Click on the link below to see more information about HT Credit Solution.

HT Credit Solution

If you really want to know more about me, and why I want to help others fix their credit… My story.