Rob Ludwig

In the mid 2000’s I worked for several years as the General Manager of a multi-million-dollar business consultant firm. We specialized in helping small businesses acquire additional capital to grow their business. Be it loans, cost segregation, accounts receivable financing, leasing, angel loans, bridge loans, commercial loans, rapid rescoring, and credit restoration.

Where I oversaw all aspects of the company, I managed the credit division, working closely with an individual who, at one time, worked for one of the three major bureaus. Needless to say, I learned a great deal about personal credit setting at his feet, so to speak.

Be the Bigger ManThen the Crash of ‘08 wiped everything out.

The company I worked for collapsed, I lost everything. Home, car, wife, money, good credit. For the next 3 years I stumbled around trying to pick up some of the pieces, but it was a tremendous struggle. Finally, I started to gain traction on life, and it was at this time I decided to document both my successes and failures.

I wrote the first draft of HT Credit Solution in October of 2011, and you see the final result on these pages. Over ten years of learning and applying what I learned to my own credit situation, to a finally result, as the graph on the sales page of this site indicates.

It shouldn’t take 10+ years to recover from a major catastrophe, so I wrote this book to help others get back on their respective feet in a much shorter time. Much shorter. I wish everyone who buys my book great success, and lasting blessings.


As part of the diverse and complex experience that makes Rob Ludwig who he is, the one experience that may have impacted him as much as any other, and offers more insight into his personal choices, principles, and integrity than any other is the fact that he’s a Veteran of the Armed Forces. He took his duty seriously when he volunteered to serve his country, and to this day, he remains a steadfast and determined supporter of the Constitution of the United States of America and all that for which it stands. His efforts to make America a better place for all, through continued financial awareness and wealth development are part of his determination to continue serving this great nation.