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Adding Authorized Users — 2 Comments

  1. Authorized users must earn trust. That’s what I was told when I was younger, and when my kids were setting up their accounts, I offered the same advice. Whether they were authorized users on my account, or adding someone else onto their accounts, the reality hit first. If you can’t trust someone with your CASH, you can’t trust them with your card.

    As a mom and business owner, I needed to be able to trust my kids. But more importantly, I needed to give them experience and power to build their own lives. I often used credit cards and bank accounts for this purpose.

    I always recommend starting a business with your kids. That’s the best recommendation I can offer. Teach them integrity and trust.

    • Good points all, Betty. The balance of education and trust is a fine edge in this matter to be sure. The relationship with one’s child hangs in success or failure, a true test of parental acumen.